Self Love

What actually is self-love?

Self love is the idea that expresses a human’s regard for their own well-being and happiness. So, why is it that many associate self-love with arrogance? Why is the idea so absurd for you to love yourself that people who express their own love for themselves are labelled arrogant?

There are the many types of self-love, whether that be the body, mind or soul.


The body you were born in is the body that you will die in, your body has grown with you from just a small group of cells, going back even further than that your body has grown with the universe inside of you. When stars explode they release elements into the atmosphere, the calcium, the oxygen, the carbon dioxide, the hydrogen, the iron as well as a whole array more, are inside of you, you were literally born with stars in your eyes so why are you telling the stars they are beautiful and not yourself. It is your duty to love the stars inside of you if you cannot yet find the fire you need to love yourself. Everything that makes up your body is wonderful your cells replace themselves every two to four weeks, every one of those trillion cells love you and are there to keep you alive, even if you can’t love yourself now love the cells that are being created to save you, love the little thing that’s rooting for you. Speak to yourself as if you were speaking to yourself as a child? Would you really be telling them that their nose is crooked or the birthmark that gives them so much character is ugly? Or would you tell them they were beautiful no matter what?



“The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought”

Your mind is yours and yours alone. It is therefore, your responsibility to cultivate it, let it grow, broaden your mind and your horizons and feed it, don’t ever stop learning. Learning is not sitting in a math class for two hours and understanding Pythagoras’ Theorem, learning is an adventure, its allowing yourself to understand how other people function and yourself, learning is bettering yourself, coming back from your mistakes and creating adventures. School silently seems to tell you that none can ever make mistakes but how can you expect to learn? make as many mistakes as you can if you want to understand and know yourself.  Go date that boy your mother told you to stay away from, go out with your friends and have a girls night, go to that coffee shop by yourself and stay there watching people until you’re comfortable being alone. The only person that will ever be there for you at three am when you need it most is yourself, the only person who’s going to wipe those star filled eyes is you and the only person that will never leave you is yourself, so go make mistakes and go live your damn life to the fullest, loving yourself the entire way.



The majority of people do not believe in souls:

“the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal regarded as immortal”

Open your mind, think about the colour of your own soul and the colour of your friend’s soul, look at the possibilities. Your soul is yours and will live on forever, its your job to look after that soul, to nourish it and to love it, that soul is you, would you really want to go on forever not loving yourself, hating yourself at every opportunity you have? Look in the mirror and imagine your soul drifting through your body, intertwining with cells to ensure your safety, ogling at the stars inside of you, imagine your soul and imagine it taking you anywhere you want because once you decide to take care of your soul you can be anyone you want.

Look in the mirror and find something you love, look in the mirror harder, longer if you have to but find something to love about yourself each day because you are one, whole, unique person.


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