A – Z: About me

A. Are you afraid of anything?

Of course I am! Who isn’t afraid of something? My biggest fear is definitely birds though.

B. Best friend?

chloe My best friend is called Chloe, she’s the absolute best. I don’t have a clue what I’d do without her.

C. Colour eyes?

I have brown eyes, they tend to change colour though so they’re probably more hazel coloured, they get flecks of orange in them sometimes.

D. Do you have a favourite place?

Disney World in Florida has got t b my favourite place however there is this small woodland close to where I live that I also love.

E. Essential item?

I feel like most teenagers will say their phone but I think my essential item would probably be my lobster, I’ve had the teddy since I was around five, it’s very sentimental to me.

F. Favourite Colour?

Green is my absolute favourite colour, there is this pencil crayon that is the exact green I like, I also like the green of the trees when the sun shines on them. I also love yellow and orange like the sun.

G. Greatest fictional character?Draco

Hermione definitely, every time someone says I’m like her I get super excited I feel like if she were real she would be my role model. Coincidentally, Emma Watson is my role model, I love how she stands up for beliefs, I strive to be like her.

H. How do you like to spend your time?

I really enjoy reading, I also love walking, listening to music and spending time with  those I’m closest to.

I. Indulgences?

Takeaway pizza definitely!

J. January of July?

July! I love summer, also that is when school ends so who wouldn’t love July? There is more to look forward to.

K. Kids?

Someday I would love to have children, maybe even adopt, just with the right person. I’d like to have a girl and a boy to experience bringing up both. Kids are amazing.

L. Life isn’t complete without?

Travelling! I would love to see the world, pictures I absolutely love having pictures and family/friends everyone needs a little support sometimes.

M. Memory?

So far I’d probably say my favourite memory was on the 7th of November, for my birthday we visited the Harry Potter Studios, I have a very strong emotional attachment to Harry Potter, I loved the entire experience I even cried waiting in the lobby from how happy I was. Harry Potter.JPG

N. Nothing excites me more than…

Pizza! Need I say more? Oh and maybe Ice Cream

O. Optimist or Pessimist?

Ahh, I am ever the eternal optimist, I would imagine it becomes quite tiring for my friends.

P. Pet peeves?

Loud chewing absolutely, I can’t stand much of it and people who complain about everything and refuse to see the good in people.

Q. Quote:

I have a deep love for quotes so I chose five of my favourites. Another I love (as a bonus) is

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”

– Gandhi

R. Regrets?

I have absolutely none, that’s how I work up a lot of my courage to say things, the things you regret most are things you didn’t say.

S. Something I hate and something I love:

Hate: I absolutely hate eggs, I hate everything about them even the name.

Love: I love the rain so much, especially at night-time. Thunderstorms too.

T. Tomorrow or yesterday?

Yesterday was good, I’m never going to get it back though. I live for the tomorrows when today is tough, each day is new.

U. Unknown fact about me:

I absolutely love languages, I want to learn as many as possible.

V. Very: funny, thoughtful, kind, honest, attractive or sporty in a partner?

Very thoughtful, I am thoughtful myself so it would be nice to have someone also thoughtful so we could surprise each other all the time.

W. What is your favourite book?

I have four; Me Before You, The Host, The Shadow of the Wind and Time Between Us. I will probably write about each of these at a later date 🙂

X. X-Rays?

I’ve had one X-Ray, it was when I was eleven, I didn’t break anything though I have never broken a bone and I hope to keep it that way.

Y. Your favourite trip?Rock

So far my third trip to Florida in 2014, I have a lot of happy memories in Florida. Especially considering this was my first visit to Harry Potter World, I was thrilled.

Z. Zodiac?

I am a Scorpio, I love Zodiac signs, I can’t help but believe they are a little true. When I really think about the zodiac signs a lot of questions swim round my mind, I tend to keep those thoughts tucked away ready for one am.


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