So I just came back from Florida, this time last week I was in the happiest place in the world. I’m super glad to be home but I’m missing Florida already. Disney World is my one of my favourite places in the world so it was great to be there again. You totally need to go.


1. Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom

I might have a coaster with this ride on… Space Mountain is a wonderful rollercoaster ride which is in the dark, the entire scene is a starry sky on a mission to space…lol. You can barely see anything apart from the silhouette of those in front of you and what’s even more thrilling is you can see them fall down in th darkness right before your eyes, such Disney magic.


2. The Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios

Okay so this ride used to scare me, it still kind of does but this ride is solely a drop ride which I love! You make it to the top and suddenly you ar falling, coming out of your seat falling and it’s magnificent. What makes this ride even better is the fact that my mum likes this ride but simultaneously hates it, I laugh so had every time she clings for dear life. Ten points to you if you spot me.


3. Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom

Love this ride! This ride is a family favourite, we have been on it a grand total of eight times and my mum has never seen the yeti that is about to grab  you at the end but SHE DID THIS YEAR! YAY! We were determined, I love this ride because it isn’t the same as any other, you are plunged into darkness while you go backwards and suddenly you are forward again but being grabbed by a yeti, the drops, the backward drops all had me super pumped.


4. Frozen Ever After in Epcot

Frozen was a new experience for us as it had recently opened, by the time we got there, there already was a two-hour queue but e being fly and all bypassed all this with a fast pass, I was thrilled to be on this ride. I love Frozen, I love singing to the songs, I was thrilled to be on it. The  ride is a boat ride which gives a brief retelling of the story, with songs and characters, the animatronics and animations as amazing. This ride also had a good old backward drop, that was me excited. I was like a small child.



5. The Rock and Roller Coaster in Hollywood Studios

The Rock and Roller Coaster is you guessed it, a high-speed rollercoaster in the dark as you zoom through the dark streets in a limosene, listening to Aerosmith and a very high speed. The first part of this ride is especially thrilling, before you set off you sit strapped in, in a huge car, facing a tunnel, you wait here for ages posing as your picture is taken right at the start, just as you get bored that’s it you zoom off on an upside down journey filled with loud music and bill bored lights, it’s fantastic.



1. The Harry Potter Rides

The two main rides of the Harry Potter series is the Forbidden Journey and the Escape from Gringotts. The Forbidden Journey is a rid where Harry, Ron and Hermione are sneaking you  out of the castle to attend a Quidditch match, however things go  round and you end up getting caught by Dementors, Spiders, Dragons and all kinds of monsters from the series. The Escape from Gringotts sees you on a tour in th safest place on Earth, however a certain couple of dark wizards are angry you got into their vault. Both rides are amazing, I adored the entire experience especially being a die hard Potter fan. Another popular ride is the Dragon Challenge, this is a high-speed rollercoaster to get the adrenaline pumping. The Harry Potter lands Universal recreated are remarkable.

2. The Mummy in Universal Studios

I think you’re sensing a theme of rollercoasters? The Mummy also fits into this, it is largely in the dark and can be frightening for younger children especially since the Mummy is chasing you, the high-speed, darkness, fire and the fear involved make this ride one of the best ever.

3. Ripsaw Falls

Ripsaw Falls is a nice sedate ride where you end up absolutely soaking… For this ride we wore ponchos due to  our past experience, it is difficult to get into the log and you could end up with some strangers feet pressed up against your legs, you follow a story featuring a damsel in distress. Then you end up down a huge waterfall, absolutely soaked through to your underwear for hours but I have never laughed so much on a ride, it was brilliant, laugher is what the world go round, isn’t it?


22nd Epcot

23rd Magic Kingdom

24th Hollywood Studios

25th Vineland Shopping Outlets

26th Universal Studios

27th Animal Kingdom

28th Disney Springs

29th Florida Mall

30th Magic Kingdom

31st Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

1st Universal Studios

2nd Epcot

3rd Magic Kingdom


Hands down, by far, my favourite place to eat was the Yak&Yeti Restaurant at the Animal Kingdom. It is an Asian based cuisine, considering it is n the Asian part of Animal Kingdom. I’m a fussy eater and there was generally only one thing on a menu that I would eat, so I wasn’t even eating things I particularly wanted but I was spoilt for choice with this menu. I opted for Sweet&Sour chicken with fried rice. Our waitress was more than accommodating, switching out one type of rice for another, in fact all the waiters and waitresses were lovely. This restaurant was my pick and I was thrilled to find a meal I genuinely enjoyed. My mum opted to have crispy honey chicken which was also just as lovely, for dessert I had chocolate cake and her mango pie, the dessert was also gorgeous! I was really not disappointed.



This year we decided to do the character meet and greets, which we’d never done before. I wasn’t particularly ecstatic about talking to/hugging strangers especially when I could feel their body under the suit which reminded me despite the fluffy fur a person was in there. I kept pretending to myself they were real to get through it, this was particularly easy for the characters I wanted to me for example: Mulan, Belle, Pocahontas, Stitch and Tarzan… Yes I met Tarzan! We also met characters like Baloo, the Toy Story characters, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and other Princesses. They were all super nice and it’s wonderful if you have children, Peter Pan and Tiana are especially good for these however I spent more time worrying than I did enjoying it.


I really wanted to see Frozen Ever After, it’s a sing-along show type of thing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was amazing! I loved the feel it gave me too. On one of the last nights there was a tornado, the tornado went over us but gave a backlash of a huge storm and it was amazing, I went out on to the (roofed) balcony and was soaking wet within seconds, the sounds were amazing, this and the thunder and lightning were so beautiful, I’m really glad I got to see and hear that. Two other things I really enjoyed was riding the Tower of Terror and Space Mountain, you’ll understand if you ride it.


One of my favourite things was to visit the parks at night, sometimes fireworks would go off at night and id just stop and the feeling you get is amazing watching all these things happen simultaneously. Everything somehow seemed to be more beautiful at night and it was so endearing, nothing is the same.

If you’re more of a day lover than in Ecpot around every hour there is some kind of performance or meet and greet going on in the world showcase, I really enjoyed being in Japan watching three people drumming wonderfully then finding myself in England listening to a cover band to go to Italy to see a flag infused dance, the diversity is fantastic.


The hotel I stayed at was Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, the hotel was American West/log cabin themed and was very beautiful. Every hour a gizer would go off, this was especially nice to listen to late at night when you’re trying to sleep. The hotel is quite large and has a set of villas and camp ground attached to it, the camp ground is a ten minute drive away and is a wonderful American West village, here also is the Hoope De Doo Musical Revuee, which many people attend. DSCF5687.JPGWe did and I hated every second. While you are eating, from a fixed menu, there are a group of six people on stage which was all well and good but when they came out into the audience, asking questions, dancing, singing and inviting you on stage I was panicking, this was horrendous for someone with anxiety, what made it worse was my parents deciding to laugh at me while I looked around me trying to locate all the performers. I can understand the hype around it and if I were not riddled with anxiety I might have enjoyed myself. So back to the hotel, we stayed on the sixth floor and had a room with a balcony, boy was it a room with a view especially at night. img_2341

We also got a couple of frogs on the balcony, they were fun to watch hoping around. The balcony was amazing at night-time. One of my favourite parts about the hotel was the lobby, it was stunningimg_2274, there were totem poles, Native American headdresses, rocking chairs, a roaring fire that t night reflected shapes of Indians hunting buffalo, the lights around the hotel also featured Native American paintings and there were some lantern lights with stories on, it was completely beautiful. Outside the hotel was also completely enrapturing, the pool and waterfall were equally gorgeous, what I found interesting was that the pool began inside the hotel in a small rock pool with a bridge hanging over, the water ran down the stream into a waterfall, this water than went on to form the main part of the pool which snaked round an island.


I have to say, the Wilderness Lodge was probably my favourite hotel that I have stayed in  and this was my fourth trip, another little touch I loved was the ‘Mouse Keepers’ first of all who can go to Disney and not buy like ten  stuffed animals? Not me. So, mouse keeping would leave my teddies around the room in fun places doing different things each day, I loved this little touch and was excited to return to see where they were today, it’s things like this that make Disney so wonderful.


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