Happy October & A Pep talk

I can’t believe October is here! It was summer five minutes ago! Speaking of the beginning of a new month I’ve decided to give a bit of a PEP talk, just to keep the ball rolling.

You’re probably waiting for the New Year to make a change but no don’t! Make the change, time isn’t even real it is just a construct made by humans based on the sun, seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months, seasons, years don’t exist, they are not real! Do what you want when you want to, you’re your own person. You are what YOU say YOU are not what anyone else says you are, if you say you’re beautiful then you are, if you say you’re smart you are, if you say you’re creative then you are. Obviously, this works both ways so stop telling yourself you are what other people say you are. You live in this one body it is your duty to look after it and yourself.

Go do something scary this month, do something you wouldn’t usually do and when you’ve done it be proud of yourself, no one else is going to appreciate your achivements the way you do!

Make sure to do something that makes you happy this month, whether it be to read that book you’ve been wanting or to start doing exercise that you love, just do something. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Tell those people at school that are mean to you that you don’t care, watch them care more than you. Create a protective barrier around yourself so everything they say bounces off you. WHAT THEY SAY WILL NOT MATTER IN A DAYS TIME. Treat every new day as a fresh one, what did that day ever do to you? Don’t be cruel to it, welcome it. Just keep trying your best.




Make a new friend, you could find someone online to make friends with (be safe though), reconnect with an old friend. Just make a new friend this month, I’m not saying they have to be your best friend but learn something new about someone, see how they grow.

Happy October, try something new 🙂 x


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