Short Story: No

He touched my cheek and then he left, brushing the remnants of his love against my cheek. He pulled away his hand, whispering my name “Lauren”, painfully slow, excruciatingly slow, cruelly slow. Leaving the aging plaster stuck fast while he pulled each hair one by one, springing tears to my eyes. He left the room in haste, leaving the door to vibrate the last sounds I’d ever hear of him; running to chase him I watched him enter the room of my sister.

“I love you, Lauren, this is okay.” I listened to him whisper comforts in my ear, while i silently begged for it to stop. Maybe if I just lay here it will be over? Maybe if I don’t scream he’ll stop? Maybe if I…

Laying forcibly, with my head pressed against two stone cold pillows, my legs and hands tied to a corresponding bed post, I tried to think of anything but this. Sunshine emanates and clouds billow away, butterflies elegantly intertwine together in a symphony as I lay in a bed of emerald grass. As I lay there a sultry figure saunters toward me, taking my hand he draws perfect circles and whispers sweetly in my ears telling me his three wishes. His long, inky black hair keeps falling in his eyes, adverting my gaze to his dark eyelashes, leaving my gaze on his rosy lips, taking off his leather jacket he drapes it over the grass covering a patch of blossoming flowers, hiding anything else beautiful. He is the vignette in a world of beauty.

“I said stop crying, Lauren!”, growling his hand slipped down my face rapidly, leaving a long, hand shaped red mark. Screaming as he forced himself into me, the tears only increased, rolling more frantically and less fastidiously.

After an hour of constant agony, he finally untied my hands, running his own thumb against my cheek before eventually rising and stomping toward the door, his black leather jacket swinging behind his shoulders.

Leaving my room for my sisters. Please say no.

A Short Story by: Adventures in Outer Space



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