5 things I wanted to be when I was little

When you’re young there are so many things you want to be; a princess, a fire fighter, a singer. Then you grow older and you want to be so much more: a lawyer, a teacher, a writer. What you think you will be once is not what you’re going to end up being.



Since I was little I really wanted to be an astronaut, I thought it was so cool how they would fly into space and discover new things about the universe. Working for NASA would also have been a fantastic experience and something I would have loved to do. However, it costs a lot of money to go to space so that decreased the likelihood of me being able to be an astronaught, in addition it is a very competitive job field. There are also an array more of things that I would have liked to do so I chose to focus more on that. I think every child has wanted to be an astronaught or something a long the lines of that, I would have loved to see the stars a little closer.



In primary school I was really into football, I used to play it with the boys during dinner and breaks, I had since I was little but when I tried to play I was told you’re not allowed to play because you’re a girl. I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t allowed to do something because of my gender, I wanted to play football not dance with the other girls. I listened to years worth of people telling me that I couldn’t play; so I kept playing. After a while I began to earn respect from the boys I played with but surely I should have just received it? I then asked my mum to join a girls football team, when my mum spoke to someone about me joining the club their son went to she instead took me to dance classes that I did not want to do. When it became too much money for us to afford the dance classes I stopped going. A while after I was allowed to join a team and I went for a long while until I had to stop because the place where we trained changed to somewhere I couldn’t get to. I wish I had kept playing, I loved football and would have loved to play for the England team.



A long time wish of mine was to become a teacher, I have always loved helping people. Since as long as I can remember I have been asked to check people work, help with the homework or for the answers. I found that I really enjoyed teaching and watching their faces light up when they finally get something they didn’t think they would. I did my work experience in a primary school and loved every second of it. I chose to spend two weeks in a reception class and I think it was the most fulfilling two weeks that I have had this year, their faces when learning something new was so infectious.



I have always been good at advice, I’m not really sure where it came from. I think it’s because I’ve felt every emotion under the sun, I know what it feels like to feel so low that you might not ever feel alive again and I also know what it feels like to fe the sunshine bursting through me and everything in between. Being a psychiatrist would allow me to help people, I could support people with their mental illnesses so they wouldn’t have to know what it felt like to have no support. There is a common theme between the jobs I have wanted; knowledge, helping people, going against the grain and doing what I believe in.



A scientist is what I would like to be now. I would like to work in medical science so that I can work on trying to find cures for diseases. One of the things on my bucket list is to save lives, being a scientist can help me to fulfil that dream. I had thought about being a doctor however I know that I would get too emotionally attached if the worst were to happen. Science or biology in particular is my favourite subject and I would love to pursue this more. Medicine is also something I am also interested in. If I were not to become a research scientist there are a lot of other fields in biology I would also love to peruse for example botany.

But whatever job I choose to do I know I will choose one that makes me happy. There is a fantastic careers website you should check out if you need help discovering what you want to do.


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