Happy November & A PEP Talk

So November is here! It’s almost Christmas. I love November, you never know if it is going to snow or not and it’s most definitely coat weather! It’s time to get the hot chocolate and blankets out!

This months PEP talk is about saying no. The colder it gets the more clothes you’re going to be wearing and there are going to be people who want you to take these extra clothes off, don’t let them unless you want to! Do what you want to with your body and not what they want. Sometimes being inappropriate isn’t always as explicit as that.

If someone says something to you that you don’t like, DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. Listen to yourself and not anyone else, why are you letting other people tell you who and what you are? Stop! If someone is telling you things you don’t want to know from them don’t stand for it.

A lot of people, in this generation, send unrequited, inappropriate pictures of themselves, tell them to fuck themselves, don’t stand for it, you wouldn’t let your best friend stand for it so why should you?

If you have negative people in your life it is completely okay to cut them out, it is more than okay, don’t let them rule your life. Stand up for yourself because who else is going to stand up for you? Be that badass bitch you’ve always wanted to be, take hold of yourself and learn your mind.


Take some time alone, for yourself. Learn who you are in yourself and your mind, you can only do that if you spend time alone with yourself. Know who you are, it will help you say no.





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