10 things I love about myself

Things have been a little rough lately and stressful and I’m an advocate for self-love so I thought that maybe I should just give myself a little appreciation.

1. I am completely devoted to my family

my  world x

I love my family, they’re my rocks. I only really have one side of the family so I’m super close with them especially my nanna and my cousins. My grandad is one of my role models, and I have a lot of memories. I would go to the ends of the Earth for my family.

2. I’m very thoughtful

I really like doing things for my friends when they’re sad and not expecting it. I’m also really good with small details so I’m quite good with christmas and birthday presents. I  love surpising people.

3. I have excellent music taste

A lot of people don’t appreciate my music taste but I can assure you it is the best. Who doesn’t love 5 Seconds of Summer, Good Charlotte, Blink 182 and The All-American Rejects?

4. I like my hair

I have long hair with blonde/caramel highlights, I always used to hate my hair but now I’ve learnt to appreciate it.

5. I have a thirst for knowledge

I’m one of those people that HAS to know everything, I can’t help it and it kind of scares me but it’s also brilliant because that is the only thing that keeps me going at school sometimes.

my favourite place where I live

6. I adore taking pictures

I’ll take pictures of anything, I like taking pictures of nature and places I love as well as the people I love.

7. I believe in God

I’m very hopeful and some of that hope comes from my faith. A lot of people do not believe in God but a lot of people do and it’s okay to be both, but I know where I stand. I feel a lot more grounded when I speak to God.

8. I like my eyes

I have really large eyes, they’re hazel coloured and have orange flecks in them, sometimes they look green. I love how the subtly change. I also have really long thick eye lashes and a genetic mutation called distichiasis which means I have more than one row of eye lashes.

9. I’m brave

I’m not brave in the oh my gosh something’s coming to get you kind of way, I’m brave in the way every time I leave the house now I have an anxiety attack and I cope. I don’t just stay at home anymore in safety, I push myself and I cope.

10. I’m open minded

I’ll listen to anything, I love having new insights and I want to see the world in so many ways, being open minded also makes me really understanding which I think is important when friends need advice.

I’m not friends with these people anymore but I feel good in this picture. I also still care about these people very much, good luck E&J.

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