5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Considering the fact that it is my birthday real soon I thought I would share a list of five things you could give to someone as a gift, some of these are completely free and could be cute additions to a main gift and some are of varying price.


Writing a poem for somebody is especially sweet, you could make this poem funny by using rhyming words to highlight parts of humour or you could really give someone a heartfelt gesture. To make this more special you could add photos or draw them out to make it even more personal.


Gift baskets are amazing personalised gifts, just buy a hamper basket and add whatever you should find necessary. You could do a spa hamper, add their favourite candle, a facemask, bath bombs, soaps, a calming cd, a hair mask, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, anything that they would use, give them a calm relaxing bath, they will thank you for it. Alternatively, you could make a memory hamper adding framed photos and artefacts from your past, you could make a food hamper. Any kind of hamper no matter how big or small.


I like to do this when giving a teacher a gift, I choose a mutually liked song and change around the lyrics, last year I did this for Blank Space and my history teacher loved it. This gift is good to include in a card or to add a little bit of humour to someone. You could even make up your own song about them. To take it even further you could sing the song to the tune and make a music video out of it. Making someone laugh is a very special thing.


Memory books are cheap and easy to make. Photos are a must for these, with each photo you could include a caption, or a memory belonging to this. You could also include song lyrics, short poems, ticket stubs, anything that means something to you both. This gift is especially effective if you include things they didn’t know you had like a receipt from when you first met. Anything could be in here, quotes even. Let them get to know you a little better through the pages. Alternatively, you could also make a photograph book.


Last Christmas for my grandad I bought three jars and filled these with his favourite sweets; m&ms, buttermints and raspberry jellies. I put these jars into a cardboard wine carrier, which I decorated with some memories, in the three remaining squares I gave him three bottles of Christmas related beer. In addition I also wrote a letter, with clues on so he could find his present. This gift is very thoughtful and doesn’t cost a  lot, if someone doesn’t drink you could include another gift like a dvd, or cd or something that means a lot to them.

As a little bonus tip, I would suggest adding a letter saying all the thing you never said to them but wish you had, if this is to diffuclt you could add a playlist which describes how you feel. Make someone’s birthday super special 🙂 x


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