A letter to my grandad

It makes me sad to see you get older but I also know that am incredibly lucky to have a grandad who is less than 50 years older than me, I know I am very lucky I have got to spend this much time with you. Having no family on one half of my family makes me feel all the more privellaged that I have a grandad worth three let alone worth the two I should have.

You’re not much of a talker and neither am I, you’re not much of a clown and neither am I, you’re not much of a smooth talker and neither am I. We’re quite alike all in all, both in things we do and things we dont. Although you’ve never told me you loved me I know that you do, I know because you cook my favourite dinner for my birthday each year, you make me toast in the morning because no one but nanna can get my toast the way I like it, I know because you still call me my childhood nicknames and you call me Meggie when you’re talking to Ava, telling her to read like I used to. I know because you recorded Harry Potter for me when I cried because I couldn’t watch it, you taught me how to play football well because all the boys told me I couldn’t and I know because you told my great grand parents, when my nanna had left, how proud you was because of how hard I tried in maths just to get an A and I did it.

A few months ago you slipped me a ten pound note, and to some people that isn’t a lot but to me it meant the world, I cried afterward because then I really knew you loved me. You’d never done that before.

My mum and auntie think you’re a grouch and well they’re right, they always say they don’t know how you’d cope without nanna. They’re too scared to visit because you’re proud and won’t accept help, you barely talk too, but I’d come, I’d look after you, I’d give up my education for it.

I’ll never forget all those times we watched sports together, I think I’m the closest you’re going to get to a grandson, Violet is the biggest girl I’ve ever met and Ava, bless her is more interested in animals. At least you got to teach someone the rules of every sport under the sun and how to play them, and at least you got someone to watch them with, and someone to share the ice cream with. I’ll never forget the times you used to sit in the bath and I’d sit on the floor of the bathroom talking to you, while nanna was out, I won’t forget how you made me fall in love with thunderstorms and how you told me to never fall in love with someone who doesn’t treat me with every ounce of respect I deserve. Thank you for coming to get me when my dad… well you know the time, thank you for taking me in for so long and having me there for years.

Thank you for being someone I hope to be like, flaws and all, if that means I’m half the person you are. I love you with all I’ve got.

Happy Birthday, Meggie x


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