Happy December & A Pep Talk

Christmas is coming! Now is the time to destress as much as you can and enjoy yourself. School starts to give you less homework and more free time over December, this is very important in helping you take off that pressure.

The two week holidays will come soon enough but that doesn’t mean you should start working half heartedly, keep pushing, you can get through the next couple of weeks, give your all so you can rest easy.

If you are stressing about christmas gifts try writing a list, write down the person, things they like and try to think of a thoughtful gift. If you are struggling check out my post of five thoughtful gift ideas, it may give you an idea.

Try to spend more time with your friends, they love you and want to be around you. Christmas is also the perfect time to reconnect with old friends or to begin a new friendship, keep making the effort with people, keep loving unconditionally. Don’t let the world turn you cold.

Especially considering it is Christmas it might make you feel good to do a random small act of kindness, drop a letter of appreciation into your friends bag so they can see if when they get home, organise a surprise day out for your best friend, give a random person a coupon or give a child a toy. Make someone else smile.


Buy a Lush bubble bar, I recommend the Comforter and have a nice long bath, stay there for hours if need be. Take a nice, take in a good book in with you or play some calming music. I find it most relaxing to have a bath at night with a few candles. Spend as much time as you need but just relax!

Happy December! x


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