Top 7 Christmas Movies

So  it’s exactly one week to christmas! Therefore it is only fair to do a top seven christmas movies list, one for each day to get in the spirit! Get out he blankets and hot chocolate and start watching.


  1.  Hats off to Christmas (2013)
  2.  Rise of the Guardians (2012)
  3.  Miracle on 34th street (1947 or 1994)
  4.  Arthur Christmas (2011)
  5.  How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)
  6.  The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
  7. Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009)

1. Hats of to Christmas (2013)

Hats off to Christmas is probably one of my favourite christmas movies altogether. I love the plot of the movie especially. The movie is super heart-warming and is good to sit and binge on chocolate with.

Mia is a single mum and works in a christmas shop selling christmas hats, her boss blindsides her and she must train his son Nick is the buisness manager type, with no sense of fun. The pair dislike each other strongly until Nick bonds with her wheelchair bound son Scotty helping him with a pumpkin contest. Mia despeartely tries to keep Nick out of hers and Scotty’s fragile life.

Hats off to Christmas.jpg

2. Rise of the Guardians (2012)

I love Rise of the Guardians, I first watched this film with my two younger cousins, it allowed me to see such a different side to the Jack Frost tale and caused me to have such a sweet spot for him. I love how this movie combines all of our beloved fairy tale myth characters.

Jack Frost just wants to find himself, he never wanted to be a Guardian but when he is chosen as the next Immortal Guardian how will he get out of it? The evil spirit Pitch (spirit of darkness) launches an attack on the people on Earth, the Guardians must begrudgingly team up in order to protect children all around the world.

Rise of the Guardians.jpg

3. Miracle on 34th street (1994)

Miracle_on_34th_Street.jpg A Miracle on 34th Street is one of my mums favourites, this movie is one you watch as a family sitting by the fire. There are two versions of this movie however I prefer the 1994 version rather than the 1947 0ne. I love how heart-warming the movie is and it really brings the family together especially when you can all enjoy it.

When the real Santa appears, nobody believes him. The nice old man claiming to be Santa is instituationalised as insane. This leaves a lawyer and a little girl to prove that he is the real thing, which proves to be difficult when you must argue your case in a court of law.



4. Arthur Christmas (2011)

Arthur Christmas is super funny, this movie is really good for children but is also a family favourite. You really start to feel for Arthur and by the end you’re really rooting for him.

Arthur is Santa’s son. He really struggles to fit in with his family yet remains happy and hopeful every day. Arthur is happy with his job in the mail room, his older brother will be the next Santa so Arthur doesn’t have to worry about his clumsy ways. But Arthur realises a child has been missed and won’t receive her present this year. Can Arthur be like his brother and not care or will Arthur run away to give the girl her present, all in two hours?


5. How the Grinch stole Christmas (2000)

How_the_Grinch_Stole_Christmas_film_poster.jpg It’s not Christmas without watching The Grinch, I don’t care what anyone says. Every time I watch the Grinch my heart grows three sizes bigger. You can’t actually help but feel sorry for him even though he is ‘the bad guy’, I love how family friendly this is too and on our christmas three we have a few Grinch baubles.

On the outskirts of Whoville, lives The Grinch. His heart is two sizes too small, he is green, mean and a revenge-seeking machine. He desperately tries to ruin Christmas for those who like in Whoville for what they did to him as a child.



6. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is absolutely a family favourite, we watch it every year on Christmas Eve. In our house we also have a lot of Nightmare Before Christmas memorabelia. Bonus fact: In the song I Miss You by Blink 182, they mention Jack and Sally in their song.

Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween Town. When on a late night walk he discovers a set of doors, going into one he finds Christmas Town. A lovely, family place where everything is wonderful, Jack who is bored of Halloween adopts the idea for his own town but he doesnt quite understand the concept and produces the most horrific christmas the world has seen.


7. Disney’s A Christmas Carol (2009)

A christmas Carol.jpg My mum loves Scrooge, we have watched it every year since I as born, however after that many years I grew tired of it. Instead we now watch Disney’s A Christas Carol over takeaway pizza on Christmas Eve. Pizza and movies make the best Christmas Eve ever. I find that this retelling of Dicken’s classic novel is by far the best and would have been amazing in the cinema.

Scrooge is a bad man, but will he ever change his ways? Once Christas Eve he is visited by three spirits surely they can change his ways? Scrooge is visited by th ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future and is left to make up his mind, become good and merry or remain bad and die lonely and miserable. 


Have a lovely Christmas!



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