10 things to do on Christmas Day

Christmas is upon us! I thought I’d post a proper post on Saturday instead as todays post is based on  what you can do tomorrow, anyway who has time on Christmas Day to read a blog post. There will however be a post coming tomorrow, it will be short but nevertheless.

1. Have fun!

This is by far the most important, it is Christmas! It only happens once a year, have a good sleep on Christmas Eve and wake up rejuvenated, have the time of your life.

2. Have a relaxing bath

Open that special bubble bath, light those candles and relax. Christmas can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be so unwind a little and it will be okay.

3. Eat well

Christmas can be especially hard for people with eating disorders, you can combat it, you can do it. Eat well and kick that eating disorder where it hurts, I believe in you.

4. Visit relatives

At Christmas I love to visit my nanna, auntie and cousins. On Boxing Day we have a huge family party and I visit my dad, visit the people you love on such a special day.

5. Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you have and for what you have received. Show your family you are thankful too.

6. Think of God

You don’t have to believe in God, Jesus or any other greater being but the whole reason you have this holiday is because of the Christian Faith, take a moment to thank him even if you don’t believe.

7. A random small act of kindness

Christmas is a lovely time to do a small act of kindness, donate a present you got twice, offer to lay the table, donate money to charity, visit a soup kitchen, write a letter of appreciation to someone, compile lots of photos and create a montage for your friends. Brighten someone elses day too.

8. Watch movies as a family

Movies are a great way to bond together as a family, laughing over the same things. Spend time together and appreciate the people who love you.

9. Play family games

My family like to play a game each Christmas, my favourite one from years ago was called Lose Your Shirt, we still have many a joke about that one. Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pointless and Ludo are always fun. Card games also are great fun.

10. Reflect on your day

When you’re lying in bed think about your day, you could even journal it to keep forever. Reflecting on your day will make you a lot more appreciative of it and you might remember something you had forgotten about.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and even better Christmas Day! x


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