I love that 2017 begins on a Sunday, I like it when Christmas Eve and the New Year begin on a Sunday, beginning the week. This year is the time to let go of everything that happened last year, it’s the time to make resolutions that we can’t stick to and its the time when we wish for this to be our best year. It will only be your best year this year if you make it. I start 2017 as a young, sixteen year old woman, this is the year that I get rid of everything that doesn’t mean anything to me. This year is the time of change, my whole life is going to change this year. I finish high school, I begin college and I leave behind who I was yesterday because that isn’t me anymore. Although you can start a fresh at any point I feel like now is when everything is really new so this year instead of making resolutions I’m going to give myself a new goal each month and next year I will talk about what these have done for my life.

This month I am going to do things a little differently, as I am leaving those who I don’t want in my life behind I have some small goodbye messages, this really helps when you are trying to let go, you should try it.

A – I’m really bored of you devaluing the things I love and who I am because it doesn’t fit with your idea of cool.

D – You, I think, are the most annoying person I have met. We’ve had some good memories but the person you have become is not one I want to support.

B – I’m proud of you, I really am but you’re just not good for me.

E – I was the only one who could help you and now you’re lost.

J – God knows what I felt about you but now it’s not the same.


Shed all the negativity from your life as if it is a second skin and start to focus on what matters, look after your new skin. It is always okay to clean it when it is infected with negativity, let these people go. You are in your own world you don’t need anyone to tell you anything you don’t want to hear.

Good luck this year, I believe in you. Happy New Year/January x


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