Top 6 Memories of 2016

2016 has been full of amazing things, of course I have had my low points too but honestly they cannot compare to the highs I have had this year. I’m super ecstatic for another year (which will hopefully be more amazing) but I know that so much is going to change for me this year and although I am super excited I’m incredibly nervous. My favourite thing about memories is how long they can last, they may last a moment or they may last a week, you never know how long this memory is going to last and I love that. Although I have no particular hierarchy I will order them by the date which happened first, hopefully you’ll enjoy a few glimpses into what means the world to me.

Sounds Live Feels Live (April 5th 2016)


Just in case you didn’t know, 5 Seconds of Summer are my favourite band and this year I went to my first ever concert to see them. It was amazing! I loved how I could feel my heart beating along with the drum beat and the anticipation I felt waiting for them to come on stage. The support act – Jessarae – was amazing and I had his songs stuck in my head for months and I had to wait so long for them to be released. The Sounds Live Feels Live tour was honestly one of the best experiences of my life and I wish I could relive it all. When I’m sad I like to watch the videos and feel the music again, I loved every single second.

Cards against Humanity (August 20th 2016)

The day before I went on holiday I met up with a couple of friends, we went to one of their houses and played a game. I had never played cards against humanity before so I didn’t have a clue what I was letting myself in for. This was the biggest pick  me up I could ever ask for, I laughed so much that day. I’m really glad to have gone out that day even though I had lost all feeling for it, I had pizza that night too so that helped. Sometimes it is the most mundane moments with your friends that mean the most.

Going to Florida (August 21st – September 5th 2016)

img_2639-copy I think the one of the highlights of this holiday was when we went to the Yak & Yeti Restaurant, the food was simply amazing! I don’t think I will ever again eat a sweet and sour chicken as good as that. Another highlight was when there was a thunderstorm, it reminded me of my favourite scene in Me Before You and the colours and sounds were so beautiful, I would love to relive that moment. However, my favourite part was the firework display which was about following your dreams, one of my friends told me she cried during one similar and at the time I thought it was a little over the top, however watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks I cried, I feel like it put my whole life into perspective, I know I’ll hold on to that moment forever.

A Car Journey (November 16th 2016)

This one is a bit of a weird one and is short lived but it has really stuck in my head since the moment. I’d been looking at college open evenings and on this particular open evening on the way home, in my best friend’s car, everything just felt different. We both stared at the stars and the moon, which was bigger than usual, listening to the song ‘Everglow’ by Coldplay and it didn’t feel like just a car journey, it felt like a moment and the only thing I can even compare it to is in the novel the ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ Charlie says “I swear in that in this moment we were infinite” and that’s what what it felt like. It felt infinite.

My Birthday (November 21st 2016) 

This year I turned sixteen and this was the best birthday of my life. Around my birthday I had small treats here and there for example I went out with my dad the week before for a meal, I went to my nannas for my annual birthday dinner and I got my birthday takeaway pizza (which was wonderful obviously) but nothing can compare to how I felt on my birthday. I had never felt so loved in my entire life. It wasn’t so amazing to just feel so much love and I spent the day almost crying with gratitude. Yes, my presents were brilliant and I’m very grateful but nothing i should ever really going to compare to that feeling and God I can’t wait to feel that again.

English Lessons (continual throughout the year)


Me and my best friend (Kaleidoscope) have this on going private joke that honestly makes us nearly wet ourselves all the time, to make this worse ‘Carrick’ adds fuel to the fire (unknowingly) making it very difficult to control ourselves. Kaleidoscope made up this ‘joke’ in around October 2015 and as you can imagine it has grown rapidly. The amount of laughter it has brought us, the joy and the bonding it has given us is amazing. I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Thank you for bringing so much joy to my English lessons, I cherish every second. Someday if we ever drift apart, I will find you and I will remind you of all that we have shared. I look forward to recalling this to my husband and children and to anyone who will listen.

I hope everyone’s 2017 brings something wonderful, enjoy x





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