Proving you wrong : Aspirations

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘follow your dreams’? I bet you have. But why should we follow our dreams because I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to be following the things in my dreams. So instead I’m going to tell you to follow your aspirations. If you’re not scared of your aspirations then they’re not big enough, you have the potential to do or be anything in the world, but what stops us are people who tell you that you can’t do it, well guess what I’m telling you that you can do it.

People insist on saying that we can’t do it, well how could you possibly know if you haven’t tried? When people cannot do something, instead of trying again, they say no, they then convince themselves that no one else can do it either because why couldn’t they?

When somebody wants to do what they couldn’t then people become afraid and become the people who say you can’t do it? Do you know how that feels? To be told over and over again that you aren’t good enough because of your gender, where you grew up, your emotional state or even your family. That is not good enough for me, people were made to be equal not to be told you are equal but to have some people more equal than others. No, that is not how equality works.

I am sick of being told that I’m not good enough so I’m going to prove everyone who told me the girl from a small town would never make it further than five miles down the road.

I do my GCSE exams this year and you know what I’m going to completely smash them, they will be the best things that I ever do and I’m going to be so proud of myself.

I’ll begin college in September and I will work my absolute best to get the grades I want. When I take my exams in 2019 I will smash them and I will get exactly here I want to  go and you can watch me as I go further than your sorry ass could ever go.

Watch me.



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