Happy February and a pep talk

This PEP talk is about struggle, lately I’vebeen struggling with what should be coming first in my life. Therefore, I’ve decided that this year I’m going to spend more time focussing on me and my friends, rather than concentrating on things I can’t control, for the time being. I decided to ask two of my closest friends what they wanted a PEP talk on.


When I asked you, you told me you wanted a PEP talk on coping with stress because of revision so I’m here to tell you that it is okay. I know how stressed you feel because I feel it too, I’ve been feeling it for years. You know what this means to you and that detrminds what you put in, you will always get back what you put in. I know you think there isn’t a moment to lose but taking an hour to have a bath, to read a book, to listen to music, to spend time with family, to relax is a wonderful thing to do for yourself. The more stressed you are the worse you will do, you just gotta work on calmng yourself down when you’re stressed. This moment is not going to determin how your future goes, there is no single moment that can do that, your future is already set from the moment you were born and it is still continuing now, every moment is a moment toward your future not one in an hour, a month or a few months away. I believe in you so much, you just have to save a little time for yourself.


When I asked you, you told me you wanted a PEP talk on not killing yourself and you said you were joking. I know that you were but there is an under current of truth to it because you know you’re stressed too. So the same applies for you as it does for ハーヴェイ but most importantly for you, don’t give up. When it gets too hard you want to give up and that’s okay but I’m telling you not to, think of all the places you want to go, especially in the science world, you never know you might surpirse yourself but push a little harder, come on. I know you can do it, just prove it to yourself.

Whatever you are struggling with at the moment, its okay. Practise makes permanent and if you don’t want to practice then that is okay. Sometimes it is okay o stop trying so hard on one thing and focus all your energy on another thing, it is okay to be bad at something. This period does not last forever and it will absolutely end soon.


Learn to accept that it okay to be bad at something, it is okay to not try as har as long as you try harder in something else. If it makes you miserable stop it.

Happy February, remember it is okay x


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