Top 5 Favourite movies

I have always loved movies, they always make me feel better when I’m sad, raise me higher when I’m happy and allow me to laugh when I need it most. They also help me to destress and escape for a little while. I think that a favourite movie has to be one you can watch over and over again and not feel bored, all of these fit into this category, my list is in no particular order, enjoy here are my top five favourite movies.

1. The Proposal (2009)


The Proposal centres around a woman named Margret (Bullock) who is due to be deported, her assistant Andrew (Reynolds) just wants a promotion. Margret suddenly decides her and Andrew are to marry so she no longer has to face deportation. Although Andrew agrees he has some of his own conditions. They must conduct a wedding ceremony under the watchful eye of an immigration official despite a few mishaps.

I love this movie, one of my all time favourite scenes are in this movie, it never fails to make me happy I love how funny and heartwarming this movie is. Also who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock?

2. Blended (2014)


Jim (a widowed father) and Lauren (a recently divorced mother) are set up on the worst blind date anyone could imagine by their friends. Neither of the pair ever want to meet again but their lives are way more tangled then they could ever know.Yet they keep meeting accidentally, the pair, unbeknown to each other, end up on the same holiday, in the same room and cannot escape each other. Will they make it through the holiday without killing each other?

Blended is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen, I like to watch this when I’m sad and feeling like crying, this always helps cheer me up. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler act together in quite a few films but this one has got to be the best.

3. Me Before you (2016)


Louisa (Emilia Clarke) is excentric, young and hilarious yet she can’t seem to hold a job, her family struggle for money so she will just about take anything. Lou becomes the care giver of a wealthy, young Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) who, after an accident, is left paralysed. Will is cynical but Lou is bright and explodes his world with a “riot of colour” as she shows him how worth living life is she discovers a horrific secret, one that changes her life forever.

I adore the book of this, which I read a few weeks prior to seeing the movie. I still, a million watches later, cannot manage the whole film without crying. After I read the book I began to feel the pain of it and realise just how meaningless the life I was living was. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over how much this novel/movie means to me. Also, bonus this movie had a female heavy cast and proves women are equally good as men at making, writing, directing, producing movies.

4. She’s the man (2006)


Viola (Amanda Bynes) is football obsessed. When her school team is cut, her twin brother is out of town and needs a cover story who better to become Sebastian Hastings that his twin sister Viola. Viola pretends to be Sebastian in a bid to play her school’s football team and beat the boys who said she wasn’t good enough? When complications occur she finds herself in a love triangle and as if things couldn’t get any worse, the real Sebastian turns up and has no idea Viola is impersonating him.

Since I watched She’s the man the first time it jumped straight to the top of my list as my favourite, whenever you are sad, happy or just want to feel empowered she’s the man is always your best bet.

5. The Duff (2015)


High school senior Bianca (Mae Whitman) learns that hr classmates all refer to her as the ‘DUFF’ – designated ugly, fat friend – to her two best friends Jess and Casey. Bianca becomes incredibly insecure, loses her friends and enlists the help of neighbour and school jock Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell). With Bianca and Wesley spending a lot of time together Wesley’s on and off girlfriend Madison (Bella Thorne) becomes increasingly jealous and is out to get Bianca.

Whenever anyone asks me what high school is like I tell them to watch this movie, it describes exactly what high school is like for our generation and the insecurities we all have. Bianca is incredibly easy to relate to so therefore this just has to be one of my favourite movies ever.


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