Actions: A Discussion

Do actions really speak louder than words? What even constitutes as a significant action, one worth talking about?

I know that, right now, before I’ve written this I don’t actually know whether or not I think actions speak louder than words because words can speak pretty loud too. I think it’s words that mean the most to me? People choose words deliberately, they choose words that are ambiguous, they choose sets of words that have a particular lexis and people choose to not choose words, are actions just a form of words? After all if we have the action we must have the words of feeling behind it? Do actions speak louder than words because they cause the brunt of the damage or the brunt of the joy, or do words, everything behind the action, speak louder than words driving it forward.  Words say a lot but actions also show a lot. Right now I’m beginning to think that maybe words are like the books and actions are like the movie version, you know the one that come say to life?

I’m beginning to assume that actions are bad and yes I see that in some cases they are but they can’t be always. Yet, are not all good actions followed by words? The iconic getting down on one knee is always followed by “Will you marry me?”, the cup of coffee in the morning is followed by “I love you”, these actions are followed by words that bring them together and tie it in a neat bow? Does this mean that’s actions and words need to coexist and have equal value?

I came across this quote a few months ago and it has really helped me in understanding that I don’t choose my feelings and everything I feel is okay and even though I have no control over my feeling I do have control over what I do about it.

“You cannot choose how you feel but you may choose what you act on.”

This is especially important when I feel anger, it helps me to understand that I’m not gonna feel this angry all the time and very soon my anger is going to fade, I just need to clear my head to deal with the situation properly rather than just diving into the situation without even thinking it through. My lack of action, I think, says a lot more about me than what me acting rashly would. Therefore, it would be words which speak louder would it not? They’re what calm me down and allow me to rationalise.

Anyone who loves Harry Potter will know where the next quote comes from and it is so relevant and I love that people are reading the books and are absorbing the wisdom, ‘kids story’ my arse.

“We all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”

I agree that we both have light and dark inside of us, wholeheartedly. Who we are is  the side we choose to act on but who chooses the side we act on? Do I choose if I want to be a goodnight person or a bad person? Do I choose or do I have a stronger light of darkness that decides for me? Is it nature or nurture? I choose to be bursting with light but where did that want come from? Is it the words in my head?

Now that I’ve completely boggled my mind and yours I’m going to stop writing, I’m going to keep thinking about this and I hope you do too. Right now I think that words speak louder than actions but this could change in seconds or months or it might not change at all but right now I choose words.


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