My hair routine

November 2016

I’m writing this from two different points in my hair routine; at the moment it is early November and I still have very long hair, however I am cutting my hair soon so I thought I would create a before/after hair routine, largely for myself so I can cope with any bad hair day in the future whether I have long or short hair.

my hair

How often do you wash your hair?

I try to wash my hair every third day, generally on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s, I tend to go a little longer at the weekend if I am not planning on going out particularly because I’m incredibly lazy with wanting to wash my hair and who needs good hair when you’re lying in bed all day? My hair is very long and is incredibly thick so takes a long time to wash (around half an hour) and dry which is why I try to leave it as long as possible (as well as being lazy…). In addition to this washing your hair often means that less of the natural/essential oils are stripped leaving your hair much healthier, so that’s a bonus.

What shampoo do you use?

shampooI really love the Elvive line for hair products. My favourite in the line is the Triple Resist shampoo as I find that that is the one that I love the most. If I am not using an Elvive product another brand I love is the Garnier Ultimate Blends, I adore the scent of these ones and in particular I like to use the Delicate Smoother as this is gentle on my hair but really effective. For hair with dandruff I recommend Head and Shoulders which I used to use a lot, it is just as good as any shampoo and with them coming out with so many new formulas I will probably go back to that also sometime in the future and rotate between the three.

What conditioner do you use?

Conditioner is an absolute must have for me as it means that my hair isn’t getting as tangled and is much easier to brush. I tend to go for the same brands as I do for the shampoo however for conditioner I like the Elvive Extraordinary Clay conditioner or the Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer. I find these amazing as the scent of my hair is so appealing as well as the softness which makes me want to run my hands through my hair all the time.

Do you use any treatments?

When I have washed my hair and it is damp I like to add a small amount of hair oil to the mid lengths ends of my hair, as I have highlights I feel like these really bring out the colour. I had been loving the Toni & Guy Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir however when this has gone I hope to pick up an Elvive hair oil. After this I also like to spray in any heat protectant, my favourite is the Tresemme Care and Protect, it will never lead you wrong. If my hair is feeling particularly wild I will add a leave in conditioner but otherwise I typically would not. Every two weeks I like to use a hair mask especially one focussing on repairing and protecting after the heat styling products I used throughout the weeks.

What is your hair care tip?

Never, ever skip the heat protectant even if you think its okay to not do it, don’t ever skip it! Spray your hair when it is damp as this is the most absorbent state and spray again before applying heat to the hair. A decent hair protectant will never lead you wrong.

February 2017

So I got a hair cut…


I decided to cut my hair because this year is exam time and I can’t really afford to be spending hours out of my life just to be able to sort out my hair when I could use that time more productively. I also kinda just fancied a change, I’d had long hair for a long time and I think now was the time for a little change. Especially considering I used to get my hair stuck in everything and my God the shedding.

How often do you wash your hair?

So I still wash my hair the same amount of times, twice a week, on Sundays and Wednesdays. I’ve found my hair has needed washing less so maybe I’ll start trying to go a little bit longer and help my hair get a little healthier. Instead of it taking me half an hour to wash it’s only really taking me five minutes and honestly I love it, it’s awarded me so much more time.

What shampoo do you use?

This year I’ve gone cruelty free so that means a lot of the products I’ve used and loved, I’m no longer using anymore. As a replacement for the Elvive line I’ve gone for the OGX line instead. I was quite hesitant to begin with particularly because they’re kind of expensive but with shorter hair I’m using much less product so a little goes a long way, so I can justify it to myself. Currently, I’m using the renewing argan oil of Morocco shampoo and I’m finding it so amazing, my hair smells fantastic, like fantastic and I love it.


What conditioner do you use?

Instead of being normal and you know, using the matching conditioner I went for the hydrate and defrizz kukui oil conditioner, I like to mix and match because one product might give me soft hair and another might give me shine, whereas another might protect it. Since you’re only meant to condition your ends I’m finding it difficult to find a great use for conditioner so maybe I’ll give that up and use a hair mask instead once a week, there are a lot of new hair products I want to try throughout 2017. At the moment, much like with the shampoo I think it’s amazing, my hair feels so soft and when I brush it through (with a wide tooth comb while wet) I couldn’t believe how it wasn’t tangling. LOVE IT.

Do you use any treatments?

I was very, very nervous to use hair oil, I’d used it in the past when I was younger, thinking I would look amazing but alas I looked a greasy mess, not something I ever want to repeat, especially when having to go to school. What I really like about this product is the complete lack of oiliness, like it doesn’t feel heavy and gloopy. I really like that and also the fact it really hydrates your hair. Win win situation.

What is your hair care tip?

I could just bang on about heat protectant again but instead I will focus my findings on something else. This isn’t really a tip per se but it’s still something I’d recommend. Cut your hair! It doesn’t need to be dramatic (totally could be) but seriously do it, you’ve got to chop those dead ends off and honestly as cheesy as it sounds it will really give you a new lease on life. I find it wonderful not to get stuck in doors and tables and chairs and every possible thing you could imagine.

My hair goals for this year:

  1.  Co-washing and/or reverse washing
  2.  Try to find vegan hair products for when I fully decide to go vegan
  3.  Actually try new hair products
  4.  Properly take care of my hair
  5. Learn a new braid

I hope this was somewhat fun to read but it was mostly just something for me to look back on, nevertheless it’s always fun to be nosey.


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