Happy March & A pep tak

The spring is here and the season has changed, spring is about growth so this months pep talk is going to be about growth. It is so important to let yourself grow, please do no this restricts yourself. You need to broaden your mind, to think about things in a variety of ways, to be more accepting and to have just lived! Educate yourself while you still have the opportunity because soon it’s going to be gone, high school, college, university are the perfect places to take advantage of as much knowledges a set you’ve can. I cannot stress enough how much you need to push the boundaries of your mind.

Recently, I read Animal Farm by George Orwell which is a text about the Bolsheviks and Russia, a few months ago I started learning Spanish just for the fun of it! I read newspaper articles on a daily basis, I practise French on a daily basis. Free your mind! It is so important for your growth as a human being, there are so many more things I want to do with my life and if I don’t take all the chances I can get then what is the point of even bothering?

For a lot of people March is getting very close to exam season but you know what, it is okay to take a break and enrich your mind somewhere else, you cannot be expected to just think about the same ideas over and over again you need to keep adding to your mind, you can do it.


Grow your mind! Read a feminist text, read a politically text, read a historical text, read a set of articles, listen to classical music, listen to the radio, learn anew language! Learn something new! Do something completely new but something that’s interests you and let your mind grow, cultivate it don’t cage it!

Happy March x


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