The One

I think the one exists. But not in the sense that everyone may think.

I believe we have multiple ‘ones’ just at different points in our lives. People grow and sometimes other people don’t grow with you and that’s okay but that means, to me, that whoever was the one at that time in your life is no longer the one now. When I’m ten years older I’m going to have experienced so much more of the world and will have so many different views on love, the person who fits me now – as ‘the one’ now probably isn’t going to fit me at that period in my life unless they had grown with me.

I don’t think there is just one person and it’s a be all and end all situation but there’s a time and a place where only one person can it that jigsaw.

People always say that when you find the elusive one you’ll just know but I don’t know if that’s true, sometimes we just want them to be the one and that’s not always possible no matter how much we wish.

I struggle to understand how anyone is meant to find the one, unless they are super lucky, there are seven billion – and growing – people in the world, how do I know who’s the one or not? How do I find them?

A while ago I saw this quote: Soulmates.png

I’d really like to think this is what happens and i suppose if it were then that would make the entire experience of finding ‘the one’ a little less daunting.

When I start to think about ‘the one’, my ‘one’ I end up worrying that what if they have another one? Or what if they’re someone elses one too, could I take them away? How would that work? A lot of the time when I worry I often reel in what I’m thinking about and probe it later because what use is there in worrying in a future that may not even exist? But I like to think o ‘the one’ as a comfort for when I’m sad or am I need to share things with someone, I use the idea as a safety blanket and that’s alright but I also need to work on accepting that there isn’t going to be anybody that is perfectly suited to me and I shouldn’t place so much pressure on someone I’m potentially going to spend a good portion of my life with.

I don’t want to get sucked into the hole where finding or in this case not finding your soul mate is going to be the end of my world, that’s not fair.


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