Top 3 Disney Heroines

A few months ago, I created a post about my top three Disney princess heroines, a lot of characters were therefore missed out so I’m back with another three (non-princess) heroines.

Alice Kingsleigh


Alice is so badass, in the first movie she finds out that a Lord is about to propose to her, her mother encourages her to accept the invitation especially as there are a lot of people watching her but Alice instead declines and runs away? Bearing in mind the book was written in the Victorian era, that is pretty badass. I’d like to think that I could follow my heart so truly. In the second movie, Alice becomes a sea-captain (a job unheard of for women) and when a bitter Hamish tries to take her father’s ship from her and have Alice work in an office Alice fights back and doesn’t allow him to. Furthermore, Alice risks her life and what she holds dear to from her friends and family. Alice is a warrior.

“I used to think time was a thief. But you give before you take. Time is a gift. Every minute. Every second.”

– Alice

Top 5 Reasons Alice is: Number One

  • Doesn’t take no for an answer
  • Believes men and women are equal
  • Believes in the impossible
  • Determined
  • Will do anything to save her friends


Jane Porter


I adore Jane. She is intelligent and wants to  make a discovery in science by studying gorillas with her father. Jane ditches the fancy gowns and replaces them with simple dresses, she absolutely does not condone violence and teaches Tarzan to speak English and shows him their various ways of etiquette. Despite the evil Clayton pushing Jane to force Tarzan to taking them to the gorillas she treats Tarzan with kindness and they eventually fall in love. When leaving, to return to England she suddenly realises nothing else could possibly matter and gives up her life to be with Tarzan, following her heart in every way possible. I think that you should always follow your heart, no matter what.

“The best manner of avenging ourselves is not by resembling him who has injured us”

– Jane

Top 5 Reasons Jane is: Number Two

  • Gives up everything for love
  • Intelligent
  • Loves her father
  • Courageous
  • Kindness


Queen Elsa


I know Elsa is royalty however she is not technically a princess and I know that a lot of young girls look up to Elsa. When Elsa is cast away from her kingdom she spends time to learn to finally embrace her magic and fears. She teaches us that it is okay to be afraid, you’ve just got to do whatever you are doing anyway. At heart she’s just a girl trying to control what she is afraid of to protect her family and her people, she gives up Anna whom she loves dearly in order to protect her, her strength is unimaginable and in the end she and Anna show the real meaning of true love, proving that you don’t need a man to save you.

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one”

– Elsa

Top 5 Reasons Elsa is: Number Three

  • Headstrong
  • Brave
  • Determined
  • Smart
  • Protective

So there you are, another three Disney heroines, if you didn’t see that last post then you can find it here.


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