How to: Talk about a tricky subject

Tricky subjects are always hard, that’s why they’re called that, but communication is important. If you’re thinking about telling someone something then that probably means you trust them so go for it, for three seconds its gonna be awful while you wait or the reply but those three seconds of whatever are nothing in comparison to the seconds that span over your life.

I can’t read minds and there is always the possibility that things could go wrong but isn’t it better to be disliked for who you really are or to be liked for who you’re not? Being someone you’re not just cages you and you shouldn’t have to hide yourself no matter what your secret it. Of course different people react in different ways and the important thing to remember is how they react is not a reflection on you it is completely on them and their mindset.

My biggest piece of advice would be to think about the person. Of course you need to make sure you’re comfortable in the situation but they need to take in the news. Where a text may be best for you that might not be best for the person or people you’re telling. You also need to be careful for example if this person has anxiety don’t tell them you have to tell them something and wait for hours, they’ll start to panic and that’s not going to get you the reaction you’re hoping for.

The severity of the situation is also an important factor to consider, you don’t want to share a huge secret of yours and have to wait hours for an hour just for a reply, no that’s not fair on you, I would always try to at least tell someone in person unless it is a situation where over text is going to be best for both people.

When telling someone something in person it’s important to make sure they know you want to talk and what you’re talking about is serious, there’s nothing worse than them making a joke about the situation or thinking what you’re saying is a joke. Communicate to them that what you need to say is really important.

It is also important to remember that if the information you want to tell someone is something you want to be kept private then you tell them but you also need to know that this information could get further than just their ears so it is important to prepare for that.

Another thing to consider is why are you telling this person? Is it because you want to or is it because of necessity? If it is the latter should you really be sharing an intimate part of yourself? Would it be better to wait.

You can never predict how people are going to react and it is important to give them some time to take in the information and make sense of it in their head because what you’re telling them is probably a big deal or you wouldn’t be thinking about it so much.

A first reaction isn’t always the last reaction, people react before they can think and a lot of the time we all say things we don’t mean and what they say might hurt but if they’re willing to ask for a second chance don’t hold their first reaction as a grudge because at least they have tried again.

There’s no easy way to talk about a tricky subject you just have to know why you’re telling this person, what you’re looking for and how best to go about the situation. I really hoped this helped, good luck.


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