How to: Balance school life and social life

This one is hard, like really hard but it can be done.

When you’re revising it is vital you take breaks and let the information you’ve just gone over sink in, you need to allow everything you’ve learnt to sink in and you really shouldn’t over work yourself you’ll just end up stressed and poorly. I know you want those grades and i know that you probably feel guilty every time you stop but you don’t need to, its okay I promise you, its okay to take a break and to renew. In those times left for renewal is where you work on your social life. Your friends are probably revising like mad too but  before hand, giving at least some notice, suggest a break that both of you can share, maybe you could both go for a walk for a few hours and have that gossip you’ve been dying for, you could exercise together or you could even just talk on the phone. Take a break and keep in touch with your friends, it is important.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably had the ‘I don’t need a social life’ talk with yourself but guess what you do need some form of social life even if it is just visiting family every once in a while, for your own health you need to have some kind of regular social interactions with people otherwise you’re just going to let your mental health suffer and at the worst possible time.

Last week I watched the new show ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’, after reading the book a couple of years ago I simply could not resist, anyway one of the key themes of the novel and show is social interaction. Hannah craves that social interaction and that is the same for all people, you can lose yourself in the work, believe me that’s happened to me too. I’ve been so incredibly lost in my work I’ve forgotten what I need and what the people around me need. It is so vital you stay healthy, especially during this time. By definition health it the complete state of mental, physical and social wellbeing not just the absence of illness, your health is so so important and if you keep your mind and body healthy you’re going to feel miles better.

If you already have a thriving social life balancing it can be tricky. When you’re in work mode it is important to cut that part of your life until you can deal with it. Muting those group chats, sending your friends your revision schedule so they know when to message you and when to give you space and turning your phone off can do you the world of good. You need time and space to focus your mind somewhere else.

It could be a good idea for your to start to prioritize things, figure out what and who is most important to you and find ways to keep the most important in tact, maybe you could even create a study group, but you actually need to study.

Before each day creating a to-do list could help you to organise who you’re spending time with and what work you need to get done. This way you can see everything you need to do and time your day accordingly but please don’t think that postponing work until the next day will help, it will just give you bad habits and make you more stressed when you’re not finishing what you need to. Along with this it’s important to not feel guilty if you don’t complete anything, as long as you tried your best then there is no need to worry. You’re doing great as it is.

Always remember to make time for yourself, this is the most important.



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