Happy May & A pep talk

It’s finally here. Finally, the first month where the hard work pays off, the month where the toil is finally drawing to a close. This is the now or never moment, and boy we’ve made it so so far.

You haven’t got long to go, I promise you that this is all going to be worth it soon, I promise you that on the sixteenth of May and for every day after you’re going to be absolutely amazing. Show the examiners what you can do because I know you could shake the world if you tried.

You just need to give a little extra push to keep going but you’re still going to do wonderfully either way. It is vital to keep up with self care for this month and June, you need to look after yourself or you’re going to get too stressed and burn yourself out, just take it easy and I promise you will fly.

There are teenagers everywhere, all up and down the country, panic revising, stressing out isn’t going to help, just try to stay calm

If you feel like you are getting stressed then breathe in for five seconds, hold it or seven seconds and breathe out for eight seconds. Try it please, panic is caused by the specific part of your brain that causes fight or flight system, when you do the technique I just talked about it switches the part of your brain in use and causes you to calm down. This has worked so many wonders for me.

You can do it, I promise you, just keepy trying. Hold on a little longer.


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