Poem: Just a sad girl

I feel isolated, like I can see the world around me but i can’t move, not from my glass box.

I feel so unsteady, I’m at the beach slipping down the mossy rocks.

I feel so lethargic, like I’m slipping down a waterfall.

I feel so alone that I’ve lost my legs to stand on so I’m left to crawl.

I feel lost like I’ll never be found again. Not even with your odenance survey maps


You feel whole, flaunting your happiness like a medal to be won

You feel so smiley, but mine is just wan

You feel so at home, in my home, where I belong

You feel so lively, letting your fireworks bang

You feel lovely inside but it’s just to mock


I feel so cold, like everything is frozen.

This is not a feeling I would have chosen.




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