6 influential songs from 2016

As of yesterday we are half way through 2017, how cool is that? We’re already half way through the year. Life has been pretty stressful lately especially with it being exam season and I know that music really helps me so this week I’ve created a list of songs that have influenced me somehow in 2016. I know that none of these songs came out in 2016 however the first time I heard them was this year.

1. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

5281d1f208cf2For Christmas I changed the lyrics of Iris for my best friend so that she could feel like the song was about her, for when she’s sad and feels alone. This song holds a lot of power with how it can make you feel. It was originally written for the City of Angels soundtrack and I love how a song, meant to tell the story of a movie, can tell the story of so many different things. I love songs with a story and I love the way this song plays out in my imagination. The Boyce Avenue cover of this is also amazing, I love the way the music blends together to make the overall song. I love it all, it gives me hope.

2. Starlight by Muse


Who doesn’t love Muse? Well apart from my one morngy friend who refuses to listen to them. Besides him, everyone loves Muse. I especially like the lyrics of Starlight and I think that’s why I chose it over Uprising. These lyrics especially hit home for me, I believe that souls exist and I believe that in loving someone you could ignite the souls of those who don’t want to know about it. I love that. The song is about the band’s struggle in missing their significant other with how hard life on the road can be. I love honesty and rawness in songs and I especially love how the music appears so upbeat to such serious words.

3. I’d Lie by Taylor Swift

Although I’d lie was never officially released, I’ve adored this song since the first moment I heard it. Although I don’t feel the same way about this person anymore, at the time I strangely think this song was helping me heal. I’d spent so long caring so deeply about this one person who didn’t deserve it and I was left with over a years worth of hurt, although this song is a love story it allowed me to think that yes I did know those things about him but did he even care to learn these things about me? Of course not, this song slowly stuck glue into the small, fractures that were waiting to be filled. It also provided me with a sense of hope that one day someone will remember my birthday, will know my favourite colour, know whose eyes I have. Just because he didn’t care about me the way I wanted him to didn’t mean that I couldn’t care about myself like that. Also this is just a really good song to belt out and takes me back to  when I was little jamming to Taylor’s old country sound. I don’t have to lie anymore.


4. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

remembering_sunday_by_vinhfx-d5jq2g0My favourite version is from the Future Hearts tour album featuring Cassadee Pope, her voice compliments this song so much I love it. What also warms my heart is that she is the wife of a member of All Time Low. I love the story that this song tells, it’s so honest and open, I especially like that way that Cassadee enters the song, my favourite lyric from this song is “now the rain is just washing you out of my hair // and out of my mind” even though I’m completely rooting for the pair I love how honest the lyric is and how much it connects with me.

Sidenote: whoever created this image is a god.


5. The Scientist by Coldplay

For some reason I never seemed to connect with Coldplay until I heard this song and Fix you, I feel like they were what I was waiting for in terms of music. The sincerity of the song really gets to me also, I like how the narrator is so in love with girl that he’d give up everything to start again, for them to be together. No description could ever do it justice. Listen to it. 200_s

6. Creep by Chase Eagleson (originally Radiohead)

I don’t usually listen to covers on youtube or even at all, tumblr_o0ngn06klq1s612vko1_500however this song came up on my suggested views, upon accidentally pressing it and hearing his voice I just froze. I don’t even know what happened, I’d never heard a song by Radiohead in my life and I was obsessed by this song. I love how he sings this so much, I can’t express how much his voice makes this. He has a fairly big gathering on youtube but nowhere near the amount he deserves. Also the way he says weirdo, may God save us all. This song was on repeat for at least a week when I first heard it. I love how this makes me feel even if I can’t pin point what it is, it just makes me feel so whole I guess.



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